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Don’t Rely on Codes for Emergency Protocols

Codes often cause confusion, even among campus personnel who are well trained.

Inside/Outside Lockdown Approach Prone to Failure

Location-based lockdowns are unreliable and potentially dangerous.

Switzerland Bus Crash: Coping with Mass Casualty Events

Many American public schools still do not have written mental health recovery plans that address what needs to be done if a mass casualty event occurs. The horrific bus crash that killed 28 people in Switzerland is a tragic reminder that administrators need to prepare for such scenarios.

Ohio School Shooting Provides Opportunity to Review Campus Crisis Plans

Here are some of the key points for school shootings and other major crisis events.

Read: Small Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time

Small Mistakes Can Cost You Big Time

Careless actions can compromise even the best programs and technology.

Do We Use Token Efforts to Screen Visitors?

People who are alert are an indispensible part of any campus security program.

Avoid the Active Shooter Trap

Be sure to also conduct shelter in place, severe weather sheltering and reverse evacuation drills.

Does your Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness Equipment Work Properly?

Keeping it maintained can saves lives and prevent lawsuits.

Can Walls Protect Students From Bullets & Bombs?

Weigh the pros and cons before you invest in this type of solution.

Read: What Your Signs Really Say

What Your Signs Really Say

If they are faded or damaged, fix them.

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