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25 Security Technologies to Watch

Boucherle’s Pick: Frontier Security Management Upgrade

Enterprise access and video security management just got easier with Miamisburg, Ohio-based Frontier Security’s R4 software upgrade. The ability to record and recall access control events along with video documentation is the new standard for ease of operational use, and this R4 upgrade does a nice job of delivering that feature set. Good software design enables associations between different types of events whether they are video, alarm, critical condition monitoring or access control in a creative yet simple process. This upgrade also improves the Web client to allow improved real-time information delivery across your networks.

One of the weak links in high-rise security is the elevators and the lack of available data on their status and location. Gaining real-time updates from devices, field panels and yes even elevators is crucial for situational awareness across an enterprise. The other interesting elements around Frontier are the company’s approach to the new field hardware and panel management systems that allow for more efficient installations. Those solutions combined make the R4 software practical and tactical to implement technology migration paths.

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