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vaping, e-cigarettes

Addressing the School E-Cigarette and Vaping Epidemic

Vaping and e-cigarette use threatens student health and academic achievement and is draining precious school resources. Here’s how…

News April 18
Emergency Management Emergency Preparedness Emergency Response Medical Emergencies Nurse Safety Student Safety University Security
Medical Team Campus Emergencies

The Importance of Creating a Comprehensive Medical Team for Campus Emergencies

Those you hire as part of a comprehensive medical team can also work with students directly, promote health…

Insights November 20
Active Shooter Anti-Semitism Guns on Campus Harassment Medical Emergencies Mental Health Mobile Duress Systems Panic Alarms Racism Research Workplace Violence
fact, facts, guns, harassment

5 Facts: October 2023 Edition

This month’s edition of 5 Facts covers guns on campus, workplace violence in healthcare, the Israel/Hamas conflict, and…

News October 27
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panic alarm

Panic Alarms on Campus: What’s Being Implemented and How the Technology Is Performing

CS' panic alarm survey covers how the technology being used, why it’s being acquired, when systems are activated…

News October 23
Drug Abuse Legislation Medical Emergencies Opioids Student Health Student Safety Training

California Governor Signs Melanie’s Law to Stop Youth Fentanyl Overdoses

Every public school in California will be required to provide school staff members with training on opioid and…

News October 19
Active Shooter Alyssa's Law Emergency Notification Inovonics Legislation Medical Emergencies NFPA Panic Alarms Panic Buttons Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) School Shooting
panic alarm, device, alert, button

More States Require Schools to Install Panic Alarms. Is Your Campus Ready?

Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Texas all require K-12 schools to have panic alarms, and other states…

News August 18
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heat stroke, Brace, University of the Cumberlands

University to Pay $14M to Family of Wrestler Who Died of Heat Stroke After Practice

According to the lawsuit, Grant Brace begged for water, but his coaches refused his request and didn’t contact…

News March 23
Coronavirus HVAC Indoor Air Quality Johnson Controls Medical Emergencies Student Health Student Safety Systems Integration
indoor air quality, IAQ

How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Learning in Schools

Poor IAQ affects student and employee physical and mental health, but smart building technologies can help address the…

News March 1
Apps Central Stations Emergency Communications Employee Safety Lockdown Medical Emergencies Nurse Safety Panic Alarms Panic Buttons Workplace Violence
lone worker, mPERS

Protecting Lone Workers with mPERS

Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) can help protect home health workers, teachers, and other isolated employees.

News January 2
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