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M99LD Series LockDown

Marks USA Introduces M99LD Series LockDown with Visual Indicator

The M99LD Series has a clear view visual lockdown indicator on the inside, featuring a red or green…

Press Releases June 22
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School Safety Advocates

How a Colorado School District Replaced Traditional SROs with School Safety Advocates

After creating an equity council and speaking to various stakeholders, Boulder Valley School District removed SROs and created…

Insights June 21
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LAUSD School Board Ban Cell Phones

LAUSD School Board Votes to Ban Cell Phones

California Governor Gavin Newsom and New York Governor Kathy Hochul are also pushing legislation that would target addictive…

News June 21
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Campus Safety Conference Hotel and Registration

Campus Safety Conference Discounted Hotel Rates Extended to June 27!

Rooms were recently added for Sunday arrivals at our value rate of $239 per night. Discounted rates are…

News June 20
Mass Shootings Mental Health Sandy Hook Elementary School School Safety School Shooting Student Safety
Sandy Hook Shooting Survivors

Sandy Hook Shooting Survivors to Graduate from Newtown High School

About 60 of the 330 students graduating from Newtown High School today survived the Sandy Hook Elementary School…

News June 12
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Burlington Police Mock Shooting

Burlington Police, School District Issue Apologies After Mock Shooting Scares Students

Burlington Police reenacted an armed robbery while simulated screaming and gunshots were played behind where students were seated.

News June 10
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AutoVu ePlate Finder

Genetec Introduces AutoVu ePlate Finder for Mobile Devices

The new AutoVu Plate Finder feature streamlines the license plate verification process for parking operators and law enforcement.

Press Releases June 8
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Broward County Public School

Broward County Public Schools Bans Backpacks for Last Week of School

BCPS said it was "prioritizing the safety of our students and staff" by issuing the backpack ban but…

News June 4
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School Resource Officer of the Year

Illinois: Summit Police Officer Named School Resource Officer of the Year

The SRO of the Year and several other award winners will be recognized at NASRO's National School Safety…

Press Releases June 3
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