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25 Security Technologies to Watch

Boucherle’s Pick: ZKAccess Facial Recognition

New approaches to old problems are fascinating when they create a whole new security product category. Piscataway, N.J.-based ZKAccess’ BioCam 300 typifies this. IP video, facial recognition, simple Wiegand legacy ACS integration, VERY low light operation, easy to enroll users and very simple installation steps are combined at a price point that is stunning. Biometric access in the facial recognition category isn’t really new, but doing it at 12 feet away with good throughput, in the real world of building limitations and in pitch black is pretty cool stuff.

The product records HD IP video with dual CMOS imagers with up to 32GB of edge storage or can be sent to a NVR. The unit has a 7-inch LCD that is used for enrollment alignment and doubles as a PVM. Dual wide angle and dual distance IR illuminators with engineered noise reduction ensure accurate reads at 12 feet in pitch black. I personally saw this work and it was amazing. The prefinished standardized cable terminations will be appreciated by technicians and customers alike.

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