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10 Times ‘See Something, Say Something’ Saved Lives in 2019

When: September 2019

Where: Desert Hot Springs High School, Desert Hot Springs, California

What: Three 14-year-olds were arrested after a Desert Hot Springs Unified School employee found “troubling social media posts” and reported them to police.

Police seized a revolver, a semiautomatic handgun and a replica semiautomatic rifle from the homes of the suspects.

After examining the fake firearm, officials said they found the accuracy to a real AR-15 “troubling.”

“Tell you right now, officers encounter this at a school, out on the streets, someone jumps out of a car, points it at an officer – there’s a high probability of a deadly confrontation,” said Detective Larry Gaines. “There’s no way to tell this a fake weapon without actually having it inside your hands.”

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