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The 15 Most Common Types of Hospital Security Officer Training

HIPAA/Privacy Officer Training

This year 78 percent of respondents reported requiring HIPAA training for officers. That figure was 87 percent in our 2013 survey.

“This is very important not just for officers but for anyone in healthcare,” Warren said. “But officers need to understand not only their role as a healthcare provider in providing confidentiality to patients, they also have to understand how HIPAA impacts the interaction with law enforcement, and that in certain circumstances it is understood there are exceptions to confidentiality.”

“Get with your privacy officer or office of general council, every hospital should have one even if they wear different hats, and make sure you’re on the same page on what can and cannot be done,” Warren said. “Information should be going to law enforcement from one source at the hospital, and it won’t be the security officer on the front line.”

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