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8 Campus Crime Scenarios: Would These Count As Clery Crimes?

The correct answer is: a) One on-campus Burglary

For a crime to be classified as a Burglary, an incident must meet three conditions:

  1. There must be evidence of unlawful entry (trespass)
  2. The unlawful entry must occur within a structure, which is defined as having four walls, a roof, and a door
  3. The structure was unlawfully entered to commit a felony or a theft

The maintenance worker did not have a right to be in the office at the time of the theft since he did not have a work order. If he did have a work order and stole something, it would be considered a Larceny and therefore would not be included in Clery statistics unless it’s motivated by bias.

Furthermore, because the intent was to steal something, it’s still considered a Burglary, even if the maintenance worker leaves empty-handed.

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