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25 Security Technologies to Watch

Boucherle’s Pick: SRI-Sarnoff Iris Biometrics

The IOM PassPort SL product from SRI Int’l Sarnoff takes the substantial investment in iris biometric access control technology developed for DoD applications into the commercial world of corporate security. Biometrics as a technology has evolved from bleeding edge to primetime solutions with iris recognition being the high-performance, high-security and practical validation choice.

Iris biometrics has proven to be the most accurate method of validation to ensure the right person is provided authorized access at the right place and time. In any access control solutions, throughput times in varying facility and lighting conditions are key performance considerations for consultants, clients and systems integrators. The IOM PassPort technology addresses each of these important issues in a modularized, flexible and aesthetically pleasing manner, allowing flexibility in the design process. SRI has made important strides in meeting these considerations in a well thought-out product for mid- to high-end applications.

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