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The 15 Most Common Types of Hospital Security Officer Training

CPR/AED/First Aid Officer Training

This year 69 percent of respondents reported requiring CPR/AED/first aid training. That figure was 64 percent in our 2013 survey.

“A lot of people would say that’s not as important for hospital security officers as others because you’re surrounded by doctors and nurses, but the fact is there’s a CMS rule to consider,” Warren says. “If a security officer in healthcare is present for a patient restraint, they have to be certified in basic life support and CPR. It’s not a question of is it a good idea, in many cases you have to have your people certified.”

“Get out with your local Red Cross or if you have a school of nursing or another higher education institution that’s aligned with your hospital, work with them, they have all the training dummies and mannequins so there’s not as much upfront cost,” Warren continued. “You can just send your security officers when the nurses go.”

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