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University of Iowa Hospital

University of Iowa Hospital Admin Used Stolen Identity for Over 30 Years

The victim was wrongfully convicted of identity fraud himself and spent 428 days in jail and 147 days…

News April 10
Cybersecurity Data Breaches Identity Theft Patient Safety Privacy
health data breach

Data of More Than 1.3 Million Patients Exposed in Broward Health Breach

In the breach, patient names, Social Security numbers, medical information and other valuable information was exposed.

News January 5
Data Breaches FBI Hackers Identity Theft Investigations Privacy Slideshows
fbi hack

FBI-related Hack Exposes Personal Info of Over 23,000 People

The stolen materials include names, jobs, email addresses, and for some, street addresses, of over 23,000 people, 1,000…

News April 16
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Cybersecurity Data Breaches Hackers HIPAA Hospital Security Identity Theft Malware Patient Safety
community health system

Community Health System to Pay $4.5M in HIPAA Breach Lawsuit

Community Health System agreed to the settlement following a data breach in 2014 that compromised millions of patient's…

News February 26
Cybersecurity Data Breaches Data Management Hackers Identity Theft Patient Safety
Hackers Selling Patient Data

Hackers Are Selling Patient Data for as Little as $1 on Dark Web

On the dark web, Social Security numbers are sold for approximately $1 while credit card information is priced…

News February 19
Cyber Crime Cybersecurity Data Breaches Hackers Identity Theft Student Data
san diego unified school district

San Diego USD Hacked, 10 Years’ Worth of Data Stolen

Officials say that a hacker gained access to the personal information of over 500,000 San Diego Unified students…

News December 27
Cyber Crime Cybersecurity Hackers Identity Theft
worst password

Don’t Try This at Home: The 25 Worst Passwords of 2018

After evaluating over 5 million passwords, SplashData estimates almost 10% of people have used at least one of…

News December 22
Background Checks Data Breaches Databases Disgruntled Employees Hackers Identity Theft School Crime
CPS Data Breach

Former CPS IT Worker Accused of Stealing Personal Files from Database

The files contained personal information such as background checks and employee ID numbers of tens of thousands of…

News November 8
Alcohol Enforcement Drug Abuse Identification Identity Theft
fake ID

How to Spot a Fake ID

Catch a fake ID by using the F.L.A.G. system.

News October 11
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