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6 Objects Schools Armed Students with to Fight Active Shooters

4. Pepper spray

This school year, the Columbiana Exempted Village School District in Columbiana, Ohio, furnished its schools with pepper spray, reports Fox 8.

The devices, provided by the company Threat Extinguishers, are similar to fire extinguishers and can shoot tactical grade chemicals up to 30 feet. They are attached to electronic bases that notify students, staff and law enforcement of a potential threat.

“When the can is removed from the cabinet, it can send up to a thousand text message and emails, plus calls authorities and then gives the location of which threat extinguisher has been removed,” says company spokesperson Sam Fasone. “It tells them if they should exit the building if they are far enough away from the threat, or if they should go into lockdown or whatever their safety protocol is.”

The devices cost the district $25,000 and also require a yearly fee to maintain the system.

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