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The Best Security Technology Innovations of 2016

Boucherle’s Pick: Altronix Managed Switch

Finding a migration path for campus legacy video systems that is phased and cost effective is a solid tactical approach. Altronix is a trusted and high quality provider of power management that has expanded offerings of powering PoE applications. The eBridge8PCRM EoC receiver switch simplifies converting legacy video to a new IP video solution easier, using existing coaxial cabling. Having fewer boxes that do double duty makes technicians more efficient and reduces installation costs.

A managed switch with PoE+ capabilities helps provide key settings to ensure cybersecurity best practices, and most provide critical reporting heartbeat capabilities. Eight ports with 30W PoE (240W maximum) and embedded LINQ technology make this product deserving of serious consideration for video migration decisions. The unit handles 720p and 1080p HD and VGA (SD) cameras and has a lifetime warranty.

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