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Tips for Deploying Digital Signage in Higher Ed

Digital Signage

Before installing digital signage, you must have a deployment plan. Ryan Cahoy of Rise Display says schools typically think about this decision in one of two ways.

“There are schools that look at it from a centralized approach where they make a decision for a standard that goes campus-wide. The other approach is little empires or silos. Each college makes a decision on what’s best for them.”

There are pros and cons to each method of deployment. With a centralized digital signage system you have the same type of displays, software, etc. throughout campus. This makes maintaining and servicing the signs easier for AV/IT staff. In this scenario your signs would all be tied together allowing for content to be pushed to every sign simultaneously. This can save lives in the event of an emergency. The downside to a centralized approach is that everyone must agree to install the same solution meaning compromises have to be made.

With the empire approach each department or school on campus chooses the digital signage solution that best fits its needs. However, as the displays are not tied together campus-wide it is difficult to deliver consistent messaging.

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