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25 Security Technologies to Watch

Boucherle’s Pick: Geofeedia Social Media Monitor

Chicago-based Geofeedia’s service adds a new arrow to the quiver of tje security director and law enforcement. Events and the media can turn a situation ugly early, along with public opinion. The ability to quickly filter and deliver geo-specific social media from a wide variety of sources provides a real-time situational awareness for security professionals. They can monitor the “noise level” and messages that are being transmitted across social media data sources. I recruited my son Brian, a recent Kent State graduate with a communications major, to help me interpret this new product.

Here was his take: Very easy to navigate around the user interface. The geofence was very precise and could pinpoint an area down to a city block. The streamer is an easy way to view a steady feed of social media postings in a specific area. I streamed three events and areas, and recorded the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans to watch videos and pictures from the entire event. Anyone with some knowledge of computers can use this software; it’s very easy and stress-free. The many potential uses include: security awareness; gaining insight on what students are talking about in a university setting; finding out about traffic and flight delays; picking up on possible leads to domestic and foreign threats; simply experiencing an event without being there.

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