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25 Security Technologies to Watch

Boucherle’s Pick: DSC Hybrid Alarm Communications

DSC, a Tyco Security Products company, really thought through this new product line. Rather than a single product, the PowerSeries Neo technology encompasses a family of interrelated products based on PowerG communication architecture that extends both the range integrity and quality of data between security peripherals and security control equipment. In an increasingly crowded world of wireless solutions, interference and facility structures can wreak havoc on the performance of security system designs. It can also cost campuses money trying to solve a reliability issue. It is based on spread spectrum communication technology that increases bandwidth via multiple transmission paths and is resistant to both jamming and eavesdrop-ping, and was used in WWII for submarine communications.

The improvement in quality, quantity and reliability of sensor data operation takes a leap forward with the PowerSeries Neo. As alarm verification via video confirmation becomes crucial to operating within local alarm legislation, having the right next generation of alarm, fire, critical condition monitoring and video verification will add value.

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