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25 Security Technologies to Watch

Boucherle’s Pick: Vievu Body-Worn Camera

Video is a key tool for security professionals and law enforcement. The ability to capture video in an “untethered” environment, no wireless or wired network, adds great value to the real world of security. The product line from Seattle-based Vievu was originally developed by a law enforcement innovator who was exploring the use of bicycles locally for mobile officers. Fixed video cameras in police cruisers provide valuable video documentation of traffic stops and protect law enforcement. But what about when you were on two wheels or a foot patrol … what then? This very portable, wearable video tool takes this concept beyond law enforcement and into the commercial side of our business world of interacting with our customers on a daily basis.

The Vievu² unit is rugged and very wearable for security and police officers to deliver a video record of service, subject interaction and procedures. Good battery life, a docking solution and downloading video records give the product a very wide and innovative application for many campuses.

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