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2 Judges Block Biden’s New Title IX Rule Expanding LGBTQ+ Protections, bullying, Danny Reeves, mental health, athletic teams

Another Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s New Title IX Rule Expanding LGBTQ+ Protections

The Title IX changes that are intended to bolster protections of LGBTQ+ youth have been blocked from going…

News July 16
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Georgia School District Pilots Program to Reduce Cell Phone Usage on Campus, DeKalb County Schools, Yondr, Marrietta City Schools, Los Angeles USD

Georgia School District Tries to Reduce Cell Phone Use on Campus

DeKalb County Schools are adopting a program that will pilot two different approaches to limiting student cell phone…

News July 12
Bullying Cyberbullying Mental Health School Safety Student Safety Threat Assessments
MTSS in schools

How an MTSS Can Support Anti-Bullying Initiatives in Schools

Using a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework, schools can better identify bullying victims and provide interventions that…

Insights April 29
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Student Mental Health K-12 Schools

Student Mental Health Challenges Test the Mission of K-12 Schools

Here are actionable tips for students, parents, and educators as they navigate critical mental health issues students are…

Insights April 24
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Southwick, Mass.: 6 Middle Schoolers Criminally Charged for Mock Slave Auction

Southwick, Mass.: 6 Middle Schoolers Criminally Charged for ‘Mock Slave Auction’

In a Snapchat group titled “Black people are low class," the Southwick Regional School students allegedly bid on…

News March 27
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school crime

2022 School Crime Data: Report on Indicators of School Crimes and Safety

Here’s a brief overview of the latest U.S. school and college crime trends, according to a new report…

News September 20
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University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW Madison, Mathur, threats, threat

Former University of Wisconsin-Madison Grad Student Arrested for Making Threats

The former UW Madison graduate student allegedly emailed escalating threats to numerous students, employees, and professors.

News March 14
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toxic school, bullying, suicide

Student Bullying and Suicide: Signs of a Toxic School

I am seeing an alarming trend of toxic school climates and students who do not feel a part…

Insights March 13
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Adriana Kuch, Parlapanides, beating, suicide

N.J. High School Freshman Takes Life After Video of Beating Posted Online

Four students have been charged in the beating of Adriana Kuch, and the district superintendent has resigned over…

News February 14
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