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Spotlight on Campus Safety Director of the Year Finalist Kenna Powell

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officers

Front row (from left to right): Officer Oberer, Officer Brown, Officer Tropeano, Officer Capotosta and Back Row (from left to right): Lead Officer Brown, Officer Champion and Officer Clark. Not pictured:Officer Acker-Estes, Officer Crawford, Officer Milbourn, Officer Nance, Officer Reeves, Officer Sammis, Officer Sweat, Officer Williams and Officer Yoder.)

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officers serve and protect the Providence Day School community in several capacities. Officers rotate to provide daytime security from 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. on school days and teams provide security for athletic and special events. In addition, teams are responsible for directing traffic for three carpool rotations as well as traffic for athletic events and special events.

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