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25 Security Technologies to Watch

Boucherle’s Pick: IDenticard Rack/Server Protection

Controlling authorized access to the crown jewels of virtually any organization and its datacenter has become an issue of increased concern for CEOs, CIOs and CSOs. While control of the perimeter and even interior access to servers isn’t innovative or new, managing the servicing, opening and security of server racks should be for a variety of reasons. Physical access, audit trails and management of racks have typically been handled by conventional lock-and-key management processes. But that approach has some serious security gaps that should keep CTOs and security professionals awake at night.

The who, what, where, when and why questions can be managed with IDenticard’s Rack Armor product, providing critical audit trails and real-time management of the access and state of server racks. Providing access control to specific racks, locking status, time of service access and multiple locking options makes this product a wise investment for legacy IDenticard customers.

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