Man Arrested After Armed Robbery of N.Y. Hospital

City residents were instructed to shelter in place as the robbery sparked a manhunt.
Published: May 10, 2016

Police arrested a man they say is responsible for the armed robbery of Eastern Niagara Hospital in New York May 7.

Adam Kibler, 24, caused a panic in the city of Lockport when he reportedly entered the hospital’s emergency room with rifles in each hand and demanded drugs from a nurse. Kibler also allegedly claimed to have a bomb in the bag he was carrying, according to

Staff members in the emergency room say they gave Kibler a limited amount of drugs before he fled, dropping his guns and bag as he ran toward the parking lot. Officers arrived while Kibler was still in the hospital building and one city police officer fire two rounds at Kibler but missed.

The ensuing manhunt sent the hospital into lockdown as police secured the building perimeter. Lockport residents were also called and ordered to shelter in place.

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Kibler was identified as a person of interest when he was discovered on a street near the hospital and taken into custody for questioning, according to Buffalo News.

A bomb squad with the New York State Police concluded the device in Kibler’s bag didn’t pose a threat, and police determined the rifles he was holding were fake.

Kibler has been charged with first-degree robbery and given a $250,000 bail. Kibler’s bail could be reduced if officials find a drug treatment plan for him.

Kibler’s attorney says his client was a patient of Dr. Eugene Gosy, who has been accused of providing painkillers to clients without a medical reason.

Hospital officials praised staff members for their professional and appropriate responses to the emergency.

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