The Latest Trends in Healthcare Video Surveillance

Axis’ Paul Baratta talks about what’s new with video surveillance and the ways it can make healthcare facilities more safe and secure.

Security cameras have been installed in healthcare facilities for years now, and they provide a great number of benefits, such as helping hospital security teams investigate incidents, monitor waiting rooms and other areas of concern, and more.

But the applications of video surveillance systems in healthcare have greatly expanded recently, and Axis Communications has been on the leading edge of many of these breakthroughs.

In this video, I spoke with Paul Baratta, who is Axis’ healthcare segment development manager, on what’s new in video surveillance, particularly in healthcare.

In this interview, Paul tells us about some of the non-traditional ways video surveillance can be used to make healthcare facilities not only more safe and secure, but more efficient so clinicians can provide better patient care.

Additionally, he tells us how healthcare facilities can address privacy concerns related to video and audio recordings. He also touches on trends related to body-worn cameras and cybersecurity.

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