Why Protecting Your Windows and Glass Openings Is More Important Than Ever

Published: August 24, 2022Episode #49
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With all of the security, safety, and climate change challenges facing our nation today, it behooves schools, institutions of higher education, and healthcare facilities, as well as many other types of organizations to review and update their approaches to public safety, emergency management, energy savings, and sustainability. It’s even better if they can address all of these challenges with one solution.

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One highly effective way to address these concerns is security glazing installed on windows and other types of glass openings. This solution can help prevent or at least mitigate security incidents involving active shooters, bomb blasts, and riots, as well as mitigate damage from high winds and earthquakes. Additionally, depending on the glazing solution installed, it can help reduce energy costs.

To find out more about the benefits of security glazing, I interviewed National Glazing Solutions CEO James Beale. In our interview, James discussed:

  • Why campuses need to update their approaches to safety and security: 1:35
  • Results from a survey conducted by Campus Safety and NGS on the current state of safety and security of windows and other glass openings on campuses: 3:12
  • How security glazing can prevent or mitigate:

James also discussed how window glazing can help you achieve energy savings, reducing your campus’ carbon footprint (16:47), reduce maintenance costs (23:12) and much more.

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