Humboldt State Acknowledged for Sexual Violence Prevention Program

Humboldt State University’s Sexual Assault Prevention Committee has seen an increase in reporting on campus since it has started its outreach.

ARCATA, Calif. – The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women has recognized Humboldt State University for its sexual violence prevention program.

Last October, the Office on Violence Against Women awarded HSU a $250,000 grant, which allowed the university’s Sexual Assault Prevention Committee to create a comprehensive sexual violence and stalking prevention and response program, Times-Standard reports.

As a result, HSU has experienced an increase in reporting since the committee started doing its outreach.

Additionally, the campus runs another program, called CHECK-IT, a student-led sexual assault, dating violence and stalking prevention program that encourages students to step up and watch for sexual assault and/or report it.

Due to its progress, HSU’s Sexual Assault Prevention Committee has been invited to make a presentation on the coordinated community response team at a training program in Atlanta from June 12-16.
A representative for the North Coast Rape Crisis Team noted that many other universities are using HSU’s prevention program as a model to create their own procedures.

The recognition comes in the midst of the California Senate approving SB 967, which requires all state colleges and universities that receive funding to adopt a written standard for personal consent to sexual activity.

The bill notes that policies must include a consent standard, which is defined as “an affirmative, unambiguous and conscious decision” by both parties.

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