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The shooting killed one student and injured three others. By CS Staff · February 22, 2017

The heroes program honors the people who help make our campuses safer. By Zach Winn · February 10, 2017

The officer used the AED to restore a pulse in the man following a heart attack. By CS Staff · January 25, 2017

Faculty and staff members' response to the shooting is being praised. By Zach Winn · January 23, 2017

Stevens Institute of Technology officers rushed into the building to evacuate residents. By CS Staff · January 06, 2017

The security officer credited the training he's received at the hospital for his actions. By CS Staff · December 23, 2016

No one was injured in the hospital shooting and a man is in custody. By CS Staff · December 15, 2016

The suspect in the shooting was found dead. By CS Staff · December 08, 2016

The boy fired his weapon at the ceiling inside of a classroom packed with students. By CS Staff · December 05, 2016

One Minneapolis Community and Technical College officer, who is one of December’s Campus Safety Heroes, solved a theft case involving 14 student victims. By CS Staff · December 03, 2016