Special: Heroes

To nominate a hero on your campus, email Campus Safety at [email protected] and tell us why he or she deserves to be recognized for making their healthcare or educational facility more safe and secure.

Every day, someone at a hospital, school or university does something to make their campus community safer.

It could be dramatic, such as the school teacher who uses verbal de-escalation skills to prevent an active-shooter tragedy. It could be less obvious, such as the hospital security officer who makes the extra effort to develop and maintain his partnerships with emergency department staff; or the university Title IX coordinator who always goes the extra mile to ensure the sexual assault survivors she serves get the help they need. It could be the emergency manager who spearheads the upgrade of the campus emergency notification system or facilities manager successfully lobbying for the implementation of an upgraded lock and access control system.

Latest in Heroes
Stevens Institute of Technology officers rushed into the building to evacuate residents. CS Staff · January 06, 2017

The security officer credited the training he's received at the hospital for his actions. CS Staff · December 23, 2016

No one was injured in the hospital shooting and a man is in custody. CS Staff · December 15, 2016

The suspect in the shooting was found dead. CS Staff · December 08, 2016

The boy fired his weapon at the ceiling inside of a classroom packed with students. CS Staff · December 05, 2016

One Minneapolis Community and Technical College officer, who is one of December’s Campus Safety Heroes, solved a theft case involving 14 student victims. CS Staff · December 03, 2016

A person of interest in the shooting has been taken into custody. CS Staff · November 29, 2016

Police say an Ohio State police officer (pictured) stopped the attack. CS Staff · November 29, 2016

The teens reported to officials that they saw a student entering the school with a gun. CS Staff · November 17, 2016

Congratulations to Officers Terry Thomas and Jerome Saulsbury who are November’s Campus Safety Heroes for expertly applying visitor policies and paying attention to detail to safely apprehend two armed individuals. CS Staff · November 07, 2016