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25 Security Technologies to Watch

Dolph’s Pick: Allegion NFC Access Control

Did you know that on college campuses 76% of access card replacement and 91% of key replacements stem from students simply losing them? The big future in access control is Near-Field Communications or NFC. One company that is setting the pace on this is Allegion and its aptiQmobile technology. One can easily assign aptiQmobile credentials using your existing access control software. This process eliminates the need and cost to print ID cards. A person’s smartphone is their ID card when presented to a NFC-capable reader. On a college campus, you can respond instantly to a student’s need for issuing credentials in seconds. No more waiting for them to come to the card office. The communication process is encrypted for added security.

aptiQmobile uses patent-pending, anti-playback technology that changes every time it is used, so cloning one transaction won’t work a second time. NFC is the wave of the future, so get onboard now.

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