Substance Abuse

Attack Victim Claims VA Didn’t Have Appropriate Security

Lawsuit claims assailant had a history of violence.

Report: Synthetic Marijuana Sends 11K to Hospital Annually

Report: Youth Start Using Drugs & Booze in the Summer

‘Bath Salts’ Linked to Violent Campus Incidents

Study: 12-Step Recovery Programs Help Teens

Del. Committee Moves to Ban Fake Bath Salts

Read: Welcome to the CS Student Safety Web Channel!

Welcome to the CS Student Safety Web Channel!

U. of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

The key to reducing binge drinking and other harmful alcohol-related activities on campus is to alter the campus culture so it does not support excessive alcohol consumption.

U. of Colo. Programs Reduce Drug, Alcohol Violations

U. of Colo. Freshmen Must Take Online Alcohol Education Course

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