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philly to install cameras near schools

Philly to Install 100 Cameras Near 19 Schools Impacted by Gun Violence

Since last August, more than 500 people under the age of 18 have been shot in Philadelphia and…

News June 15
K-12 Security Cameras Maintenance School Safety School Security School Violence Security Cameras Student Safety
Guilford County Schools

Commissioner: Guilford County Schools Haven’t Fixed Faulty Security Cameras

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners met with school leaders back in June to discuss the issue.

News September 8
Grants K-12 Security Cameras Security Cameras Security Grants Video Surveillance
Centerville City Schools

Centerville City Schools Installs Over 500 Security Cameras

The Ohio school district also purchased larger screens for each school so personnel can help monitor video surveillance…

News October 27
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school security

School Districts Continue to Evaluate Security and Implement Upgrades

It is becoming more common for school districts to asses school security to help decide what changes or…

News September 4
K-12 Access Control K-12 Security Cameras K-12 Visitor Management Metal Detection School Security
baltimore school security

‘Significant Security and Safety Issues’ Found in Baltimore Schools

A recent school security assessment found problems including ill-functioning locks on interior doors and poor emergency and exterior…

News August 23
Axis Communications False Alarms K-12 Security Cameras School Security Video Management Software

Illinois School Speeds Up Investigations with New Security Cameras

Washington Community High School saves hours of searching through video and diminishes false alarms with its new video…

News July 23
Campus Safety IDIS K-12 Security Cameras Security Technology Video Surveillance
idis 2mp micro dome

IDIS Announces 2MP Micro Dome Camera for Education Markets

The DC-C4212RX is a great camera for installers to work with, delivers outstanding surveillance capability in a lower-profile,…

Press Releases July 20
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K-12 Schools Security Cameras

How Many K-12 Schools Have Security Cameras, Controlled Access?

Recent data from the Indicators of School Crime and Safety found a 315% increase in K-12 public schools…

News July 10
Campus Threats K-12 Security Cameras Officer Training School Shooting School Violence Prevention Student Discipline Student Safety
california high school

Cal High to Install More Security Cameras After Receiving Threats

The threats included several hand-written graffiti messages that warned the school of shootings that would take place on…

News May 28
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