Univ. Policeman Won’t be Charged in Fatal Shooting

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office announced they won’t seek criminal charges after a man was killed by a San Jose University police officer on campus.

The San Jose State University police officer who shot and killed a man holding a saw on the school’s campus will not be charged for his death.

On May 21 prosecutors announced they wouldn’t be seeking criminal charges against either of the two officers involved in the death of Antonio Guzman Lopez, although Lopez’s family has filed a civil complaint claiming Lopez’s civil rights were violated.

Lopez was confronted by the two university police officers because he was holding a 12-inch saw, according to abc7news.com. The officers, both of whom were wearing body cameras that captured the incident, Tazed Lopez when he refused to drop his saw. When the Tazing didn’t work, Lopez charged at one officer and the other officer shot him twice in the back.

Lopez’s wife, Laurie Valdez, was allowed to view the body camera footage and listen to the police calls, although she said she wasn’t emotionally prepared to watch the deadly encounter.

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