Officer Killed By Shooter Near Texas A&M

Published: August 12, 2012

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A Texas constable and two others were fatally shot when a gunman opened fire while serving eviction papers at a residence near the Texas A&M University campus on Monday afternoon.

Brazos County (Texas) Constable Brian Bachmann, 41, was killed by Thomas Alton Caffall, who was also killed in the gunfight, reports WFAA.

Three other officers, including one from the College Station Police Department, and a male civilian were wounded. The shooting began shortly after noon when Caffall began firing automatic weapons from a house, reports KBTX.

Family members and acquaintances of Caffall described him as a “ticking time bomb” and “crazy as hell.”

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“At one point, we were afraid that he was going to come up here and do something to his mother and me,” his stepfather Richard Weaver told KPRC. His mother Linda said her 35-year-old son was experiencing “mental difficulties” in recent years.

And Shawn Kemp, a local acquaintance of Caffall’s, told The Eagle newspaper that he “fits the profile of a dude who might snap.”

The university issued alerts about a shooter near its campus football stadium telling residents and students to avoid the area, the Associated Press reports. Most students were not on campus at the time, as classes for the fall semester do not start until August 27.

A former Army medic, Caffall’s neighbor Rigo Cisneros, recorded video of the chaotic scene following the fatal shooting, and urged an officer who secured the perimeter to let him tend to the wounded.

When police eventually allowed Cisneros in, Constable Bachmann had died from a gunshot wound to the chest..

The video begins shortly after the shooting with SWAT officers yelling “Do not move” to a mortally wounded Caffall as they enter the home.

Cisneros told the The Huffington Post that Caffall asked him to “apologize to the officer who was shot” as he tended to his wounds.

Watch the video:

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