Ontario Police Fatally Shoot Man in Hospital

A man is dead after police responded to an alleged attack at Guelph Hospital in Ontario.

Police in Ontario aren’t releasing any information after killing a man in a hospital waiting room on May 20.

Guelph Police responded to what they called a ‘very serious incident’ in Guelph General Hospital after several witnesses say a frantic woman ran out of the emergency room bleeding and screaming that her boyfriend had attacked her, according to thestar.com.

Police responded at about 1:30 p.m. and things escalated to the point that two officers shot a man, who was later pronounced dead. Witnesses say the woman, in her early 20s, was shouting that she had been shot or stabbed in the leg and several people helped her out of the hospital. Some people saw an angry man holding a pair of scissors before police arrived.

The Special Investigations Unit, an independent agency that handles police incidents that result in serious injury or death, secured the emergency department’s waiting room and has taken over the case. The unit has assigned six investigators and four forensic investigators to the case.

Guelph Police Service Constable Mike Gatto said he wasn’t aware of any additional injuries to police or the citizens.

The hospital’s emergency room remains open.

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