National Forum Preview: Protecting Hospitals During Patient Surges and in Security-Sensitive Areas

Bryan Warren of Carolinas HealthCare will present in-depth training on securing high-risk hospital locations at the Campus Safety National Forum June 24.

Emergency departments, pediatrics and critical infrastructure are some of the most security-sensitive areas in a hospital, but how can we protect them? These are some of the biggest challenges facing hospital security directors, and the Campus Safety National Forum will be offering in-depth, pre-conference training on this extremely important topic.

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On June 24, Bryan Warren, who is the Director of Corporate Security for Carolinas HealthCare System will be hosting this session. He is currently serving on a number of national taskforces for the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services

In this webinar, he provides an overview of some of the key points that will be covered during his four-hour, in-depth training course at the Campus Safety National Forum in Washington, D.C. These topics include forensic patients, public health emergencies and patient surges, drug seekers, IT, critical infrastructure and more.

Watch the webinar.

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