Los Angeles IAHSS Recognizes Hospital Security Officers Who Go Above and Beyond

Hospital security officers who work in Los Angeles and Orange County hospitals receive awards for their outstanding work.
Published: September 7, 2017

Hospital security and public safety officers are often the unsung heroes of a healthcare organization. That oversight, however, was addressed on Wednesday by the Los Angeles chapter of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) at its third annual Security Officer of the Year Awards Luncheon held in Monterey Park, Calif.

The list of achievements of the officers who were recognized was impressive. Whether it was delivering a baby, preventing a suicidal patient from harming herself, successfully restraining a patient so he wouldn’t harm himself or his care providers, outstanding customer service or sharing his personal experience as a cancer survivor with patients, all of the officers honored Wednesday went above and beyond to make their campuses safe.

Check out the slide show of the award presentations.

The nominees were:

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  • Antonio Elmore, St. Joseph Healthcare
  • Antonio Garcia, Alta Med
  • Henry Portillo, Adventist Health-Glendale/Allied Universal
  • John Dahl, Allied Universal/Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center
  • Juan Madrigal, Allied Universal Security Services
  • Kiranjit Kaur, Allied Universal, Riverside Community Hospital
  • Lenny Ginn, Huntington, Hospital
  • Luciano Lopez, USC Department of Public Safety
  • Marcus Brown, Huntington Hospital
  • Marcus Mercado, Allied Universal, Woodland Hills Branch
  • Maryann Welch, St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare with Allied Universal Services
  • Matt Sanders, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Miguel Rodriguez, Allied Universal
  • Omar Aguilar, White Memorial
  • Pablo Marquez, AUC-CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County
  • Richard Van Duyne, Citrus Valley Health Partners
  • Sama Lengor, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

The award recipients were treated to a luncheon, as well as a presentation on situational awareness. Additionally, attendees witnessed the swearing in of the Los Angeles chapter’s new board members.

On behalf of everyone at Campus Safety magazine, congratulations to all of Wednesday’s award recipients. Keep up the good work!

Check out the slide show.


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