Ariz. House Passes Bill to Allow Guns on College Campuses

ARIZONA — On April 7, a bill that would allow people to carry guns on public college campuses in Arizona was passed in the House 33 to 24. Since it was introduced, Senate Bill 1467 has been narrowed to disallow guns in campus buildings.

Currently, Utah is the only state to allow guns in buildings on all higher-education campuses, the Christian Science Monitor reports. A Texas bill that would also allow guns in campus buildings has recently lost support. Two Democrats in the Texas Senate withdrew their support of the bill last week after receiving vehement opposition from constituents and university officials.  

Arizona law now allows colleges or universities to determine whether to allow firearms on campus – but none of the campuses do.

Since 2007, 45 attempts have been made in 24 states to allow guns on college campuses. All of those efforts have failed.

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