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The Militarization of Police in America: Fact or Fiction?

Here are nine reasons why accusations of militarism are wholly over-stated and essentially untrue.

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Carver Vocational Tech High School Police Officer Joseph Fair has been named February’s Campus Safety Hero for his quick actions that saved lives. By CS Staff · March 09, 2017

Congratulations to Officers Terry Thomas and Jerome Saulsbury who are November’s Campus Safety Heroes for expertly applying visitor policies and paying attention to detail to safely apprehend two armed individuals. By CS Staff · November 07, 2016

In California, private college public safety officers aren't designated as peace officers, which some say hinder them in their responses to active shooters and sexual assault. By Robin Hattersley Gray · May 03, 2016

Here are nine reasons why accusations of militarism are wholly over-stated and essentially untrue. By Lt. John Weinstein · April 18, 2016

The weapons examined include kinetic impact projectiles, chemical irritants, water cannons, flashbangs and stun grenades, acoustic weapons and directed energy weapons. By Zach Winn · March 14, 2016

Endicott College in Massachusetts used calculated strategies to bring its community to terms with armed campus safety officers. By Zach Winn · February 02, 2016

Umpqua Community College had conducted three training exercises with local police in the past two years, but at the time of the shooting, the campus only had one unarmed security officer on duty. By CS Staff · October 05, 2015

Campus Safety magazine survey also found that more departments are arming officers with less lethal weapons and want additional or upgraded security cameras. By Robin Hattersley Gray · September 03, 2015

The incident involved a University of Missouri police officer and Columbia police officer, and was recorded by the MU officer's body-worn camera. By Robin Hattersley Gray · August 06, 2015

Public safety employee wages are higher than in 2011, but most police and security departments at U.S. institutions of higher education are grossly understaffed. By Robin Hattersley Gray · August 03, 2015