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Reading, Writing and Arithmetic? Let’s Add a 4th ‘R’ to School Curricula: Relating

Schools must teach relationship skills so that campus safety and security programs can be fully optimized.

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It will also list fraternity and sorority hazing, alcohol abuse and other violations. By CS Staff · May 24, 2017

Carelton College hazing and sexual assault allegations have led to the suspension of 13 students. By CS Staff · May 24, 2017

The University of Kentucky’s Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity reportedly paddled and hazed pledging students. By CS Staff · May 23, 2017

They will be sentenced in December and could face 22 to 36 months in prison. By Robin Hattersley Gray · May 17, 2017

Penn State's Beta Theta Pi has been banned from campus after the hazing death of pledging student Tim Piazza. By CS Staff · May 09, 2017

Hazing prevention starts with education for both school staff members and students. Stopping hazing on your campus won't happen overnight! By Zach Winn · April 24, 2017

New e-book for parents and students covers student safety, sexual assault, active shooter response, emergency notification, lockdown, mental health and more. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 21, 2017

Keeping an open mind will improve campus security because we will be less inclinded to ignore or explain away critical threats and evidence. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 20, 2017

So far, 16 student athletes from La Vernia High School in Texas and Hamilton High School in Arizona have been arrested for hazing involving sexual assault. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 14, 2017

Penn State has implemented more aggressive measures to combat drinking, hazing and sexual assault in Greek organizations. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 14, 2017