ASIS 2017 Spotlight on Omnigo Software

Omnigo exhibited at ASIS last week where its software for healthcare and education were showcased.

ASIS 2017 Spotlight on Omnigo Software

Report Exec and ITI have merged to form Omnigo — one company uniquely positioned to serve public safety and security professionals across a variety of industries.

Report Exec and ITI have merged, combining our strengths to form Omnigo — one company uniquely positioned to serve public safety and security professionals across a variety of industries. As a new, combined company, we have a new name that reflects our combined capabilities, services and values. The name Omnigo encompasses the sense of all-knowing, all-seeing power that we strive to give our customers through accurate data analytics and reporting, while incorporating the action and forward progress we enable.

The reasons the two companies have combined is simple: both offer cutting edge solutions in complementary but distinct industries. While ITI has thrived in the law enforcement sector, Report Exec has focused on public safety and security in higher education, healthcare and corporations. By merging the two organizations, we can offer more to our combined customer base through increased development and support resources, stronger infrastructure and cross-industry expertise.

To celebrate this merger, Omnigo software for healthcare and Omnigo software for education showcased at ASIS 2017 last week in Dallas. Both software suites provide campus public safety, incident and security management professionals with solutions that result in increased staff productivity by up to 25 percent, reduced time spent on paperwork by up to 50 percent and reduced report approval time by up to 90 percent. Additionally, both versions of Omnigo software have reliable and standardized reporting, which reduces compliance risk (e.g., Clery and NIBRS). It also improves safety and security through more informed decision-making that is supported by accurate, accessible and actionable data.

Omnigo software is:

  • Flexible:
    • Fully configurable applications meet the needs of agencies across a variety of industries
    • On-premises and cloud deployment options
    • Interoperability through software integrations and data sharing
  • Easy-to-Use:
    • Built by law enforcement professionals
    • Clean, logical user interface
    • Integrated modules create a complete solution

Additionally, Omnigo is actionable and data-driven, which is a particularly important benefit for healthcare and educational campuses. Traditionally, campus safety and security departments have been locked into post-incident action. Omnigo enables every step of the incident management cycle — prevention, detection, response, reporting and remediation — to be effective. Moving forward, we will be focused on providing real-time reporting solutions as well as data to help prevent incidents before they occur.

Omnigo Software also provides solutions tailored to the unique reporting requirements facing schools and universities, such as Clery and Title IX compliance requirements. We work proactively to ensure that our solutions keep our customers compliant in an environment with shifting priorities and legislative requirements.

We offer world class customer service and have a 96 percent. customer satisfaction rating. Our solutions also integrate with a number of other systems, including Maxient, OnGuard, Official Payments and CodeRED.  Omnigo can effectively serve the needs of sworn and non-sworn campus safety agencies and tailor our solutions to the specific industries we serve: education, healthcare, law enforcement and corporations.

For more information, visit us online at omnigo.com.

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