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Clemson Students

Clemson Students Demand More Resources for Sexual Assault Survivors

On Nov. 15, the students will march 0.9 miles to represent the estimated 90% of sexual assaults that…

News November 5
Body-Worn Cameras Crime Prevention Crime Reporting Police Victims' Rights Video Surveillance
police body camera

Study Finds Victims Aren’t Affected by Police Body Cams

In 98% of interactions where officers wore cameras, victims did not visibly react to being recorded, even when…

News July 11
Child Sexual Abuse Court Rulings Sexual Abuse Victims' Rights
new jersey statue of limitations

New Jersey Extends Statute of Limitations for Sex Abuse Victims

The extension will allow victims of sexual abuse more time to sue their attackers and seek damages from…

News May 15
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Court Rulings Rape Student Safety Title IX Victims' Rights
california court

Calif. Court Allows USC Student Accused of Rape to Question Witnesses

The ruling comes during the debate of how schools handle sexual assault allegations and heightened standards for proving…

News January 8
Court Rulings Lawsuits Victims' Rights
sexual assault survivors

Sexual Assault Survivors Given More Time to File Civil Cases

Amid the #MeToo movement, California extends the statute of limitations for sexual assault survivors who are looking to…

Press Releases October 2
Civil Rights Office for Civil Rights Sexual Misconduct Student Safety Title IX US Department of Education Victims' Rights
DeVos Lawsuit

Civil Rights Groups Sue DeVos over Campus Sexual Assault Guidance

The lawsuit claims the U.S. Education Department's changes to campus sexual assault policies discriminate against students who report…

News January 26
Annual Security Reports ASR Campus Safety Clery Act Sexual Abuse Reporting Student Safety Title IX Victims' Rights
teacher sexual misconduct

Univ. of Tulsa President Pushes Victim-Focused Sexual Assault Policies

After a recent string of alleged sexual assaults, the school's president demands campus security officials call him each…

News September 25
Dating Abuse Office for Civil Rights Sexual Misconduct Stalking Title IX Training Victims' Rights Violence Against Women Act VAWA
Sexual Violence

Making Sense of DeVos’ Title IX Campus Sexual Violence Comments

The education secretary indicated she would listen to all sides of the campus sexual violence debate, but is…

Insights September 8
Clery Act University Security Victims' Rights
victim blaming

N.Y. College Security Director Resigns Following Victim Blaming Remarks

The audio tapes were from an August 2016 meeting with top school officials to discuss attempted sexual assaults…

News July 24
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