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V07 Software Update

Automatic Systems Announces V07 Software Update

The V07 software update is designed to address cybersecurity concerns and to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of…

Press Releases September 16
Access Control Campus Security Parking Security Pedestrian Safety Turnstiles
FirstLane Speedgate

Automatic Systems Expands FirstLane Speedgate Series

Automatic Systems will showcase the FirstLane Plus outdoor model in Booth #6071 at ISC West, March 29-31.

Press Releases March 19
Access Control Security Technology Student Safety Turnstiles University Security
Aeroturn Turnstiles

Univ. of Pittsburgh Picks Aeroturn Turnstiles for High-Traffic Rec Center

Aeroturn deployed three of its X-Wing turnstile lanes on a modular platform system where a large influx of…

Press Releases March 7
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Access Control Systems Integration Tailgating Turnstiles Video Management Software Video Surveillance
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Releases Tailgating Training Videos

Openpath Uses Data Analytics, Turnstiles to Combat Tailgating

Openpath has partnered with several industry leaders, including Milestone, Density and Camio, to address the issue of tailgating.

Press Releases August 31
Access Control Boon Edam RS2 Technologies Turnstiles

Liberty University Rec Center Protects Students with Optical Turnstiles

Turnstiles help to control access and expedite entry to the facility.

News July 21
Access Control Security Technology Student Safety Turnstiles University Security
Turnstiles Notre Dame

Turnstiles Spare Notre Dame Students Long Wait at New Dining Facility

Thanks to newly installed turnstiles, University of Notre Dame students no longer shiver in the cold while they…

News March 23
Access Control Boon Edam Turnstiles
Boon Edam

Georgia Southern Integrates Boon Edam Turnstiles at Recreation Facility

With the help of Boon Edam, Georgia Southern University’s Recreation Activity Center (RAC) has implemented iris scanners into…

Press Releases January 27
Policies and Procedures Student Safety Turnstiles Visitor Management

4 ‘Gotchas’ That Could Derail Your Front Entrance Security Upgrades

Be certain to consider throughput, training, service and safety before installing any solutions.

News October 15
Card Readers Physical Security Student Safety Turnstiles

Colombian University Installs Turnstiles to Improve Access Control

The University of Antioquia uses the turnstiles at all six of its campus entrances.

News September 25
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