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UNLV, Rebel Recovery Program, security, shooting, locks, mental health, officers

UNLV Upgrades Safety, Security Following December’s Mass Shooting

Improvements include more mental health resources, door locks, additional security officers on UNLV’s campus, and more.

News February 8
Elderly Patients Guns on Campus Hospital Shootings Lockdown Suicide SWAT
Josiah Kilman, Campbellsville University, wrestler, Charles “Zeke” Escalera, Daniel Cook, Joseph Hopkins, wrestling team

Wife Fatally Shoots Terminally Ill Husband in Florida Hospital

The woman told police that three weeks ago she and her husband made a suicide pact that they…

News January 25
Active Assailant Active Bombers Active Shooter Emergency Planning Lockdown SWAT Swatting Threats
threats, swatting, threat assessment

Multiple Schools in New Hampshire, Montana Receive ‘Swatting’ Threats

Nearly a dozen New Hampshire schools received hoax threats, while several high schools in Montana were also swatted.

News December 12
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Active Shooter Campus Police Dispatch SWAT Swatting Threat Assessments Threats
voucher schools

‘Swatting’ Calls Force Lockdowns at Multiple Florida Schools

At least 14 high schools in Florida were the victims of hoax calls claiming there was an active…

News October 12
Alcohol Enforcement Coronavirus Crowd Control Event Security Less Lethal Weapons Officer Safety Student Discipline SWAT Town Gown Use of Force
school shootings

Police Break Up Massive Party Near CU Boulder Campus

Authorities estimate that nearly 800 people attended the CU Boulder party. Responding officers were injured and vehicles were…

News March 8
Bullying Campus Police Dorm Security Race Student Discipline SWAT Video Surveillance

Student Is Victim of Possible Swatting by Dorm Mates at Texas College

The Black victim’s White roommates and several other women in the dorm convinced their RA that the victim…

News October 6
Active Shooter Drills Emergency Exercises Emergency Notification Emergency Preparedness Hospital Safety Hospital Security Patient Safety SWAT Veterans
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Active Shooter Drill Gone Wrong Causes Panic at Maryland Hospital

An improper mass alert caused an active shooter scare at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a hospital…

News November 28
Emergency Room Violence Forensic Patients Nurse Safety SWAT

Delnor Hospital (Ill.) Hostage Situation Leads to Death of Forensic Patient

Tywon Salters had held a nurse hostage inside Delnor Hospital for nearly five hours.

News May 15
Campus Stabbing Emergency Response School Violence SWAT

Texas Police Shoot Man with Machete Outside Elementary School

The man was shot in the abdomen and is listed in stable condition.

News June 15
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