Officer Training

Security Experts: Schools Should Conduct Risk Assessments, Consider Hiring SROs

N.Y. Cop Resigns Over Accidental Discharge at High School

Emergency Management Group to Host Industry Skills Gap Forum

Common Misconceptions About Armed Officers at Schools

Placing an armed police officer has the potential to deter or transfer risk, but policing a school does not necessarily correlate with protecting a school.

Rethinking Active Shooter Response

The standard ‘quad,’ four-officer response is not only ineffective, but impractical.

Read: Understanding CoPs’ Role in Healthcare Security

Understanding CoPs’ Role in Healthcare Security

Your security department can help your hospital avoid receiving an immediate jeopardy finding by complying with CMS’ Condition of Participation.

U. of Md. Cop Shot in Head in Training Exercise

Survey: Police Must Receive More Training on How to Work With Youth

10 Reasons Not to Train Campus Officers

Complacency and a fear of losing staff are just a couple of reasons why Chief Will Donothing likes the status quo.

Top Campus Security Trends to Watch in 2013

Access control, training and weapons, as well as the management of keys, guests and emergency power, are some of the top issues that should be on your radar this year.

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