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Delaware Bill Requires Comprehensive School Safety Plans

27 Emergency Notification Best Practices

Conducting a risk analysis, sharing resources, creating clear, concise messages and more can help your campus send emergency alerts.

Read: Ohio District Overhauls Its  2-Way Radios

Ohio District Overhauls Its 2-Way Radios

In order to comply with the rapidly approaching FCC narrowbanding mandate and ease communication between its campuses and first responders, the South-Western City School District underwent a major radio system upgrade. The new system allows for district-wide communication with digital radios, GPS tracking on buses and instant access to the Grove City police dispatch center.

Switzerland Bus Crash: Coping with Mass Casualty Events

Many American public schools still do not have written mental health recovery plans that address what needs to be done if a mass casualty event occurs. The horrific bus crash that killed 28 people in Switzerland is a tragic reminder that administrators need to prepare for such scenarios.

Pepper Spraying Prompts Review of Police Response Policies

Read: Your Campus Emergency Notification Check-List

Your Campus Emergency Notification Check-List

Be sure to carry out these tasks to ensure your mass alert systems reach everyone on campus during a crisis.

U. of Texas Adds 3 Dispatchers to Police Department

Read: Get Your 2-Way Radios Ready

Get Your 2-Way Radios Ready

Thousands of people flock to your campus for the big game. A forensic patient escapes from his room during treatment. An active shooter opens fire in a classroom. Are you prepared to effectively communicate with the necessary agencies or personnel to handle these scenarios?

NYPD Says FCC's Public Safety Broadband Plan Falls Short


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