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Read: How to Detect a Concealed Weapon

How to Detect a Concealed Weapon

The following best practices will help you make the most of your metal detectors

2 Miami U. Sororities Suspended for Wild Formals

Read: Special Event Parking Basics

Special Event Parking Basics

Cashier location, pedestrian walkways and appropriate revenue control help to ensure your event will run smoothly.

30 Arrested in University Block Party Melee


27 West Virginia U. Fires Prompt Additional Security for Final 4


Watch Video: Colleges, K-12s Hold Protests Nationwide


California Campuses Prepare for Thursday Protests


Read: Award Winning Turnarounds

Award Winning Turnarounds

Both recipients of the 2007 Campus Safety Director of the Year Awards knew it was time to give their departments a fresh start. From changing their agencies’ images to implementing new technology – and everything in between – Bonnie Michelman of Massachusetts General Hospital and David Rivero of the University of Miami had what it takes to put their agencies back on track.

Read: On Patrol: Convention Security During Unconventional Times

On Patrol: Convention Security During Unconventional Times

With 2008 being a presidential election year, our nation’s main political parties will soon be hosting their conventions. What often goes unnoticed, however, is how these events can affect adjacent campuses. Here’s how Massachusetts General Hospital successfully planned for the 2004 Democratic National Convention and protected its patients, staff, visitors and premises.

Read: Don't Drop the Ball When It Comes to Event Security

Don't Drop the Ball When It Comes to Event Security

Athletic events, commencement exercises and homecoming celebrations are major events at educational institutions that require a cost-effective, systematic approach to mitigating undesirable incidents. The best approach is to develop a security plan based upon a comprehensive risk assessment.

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