Employee Discipline

Former Prof Hid Cameras in Changing Room at U of British Columbia

A former University of British Columbia professor faces voyeurism charges for allegedly placing a hidden camera in a campus changing room.

NY District Fires Teacher Who Was a ‘Time Bomb’

He had made several suicidal and homicidal comments, and had acquired three guns.

UT Arlington Researchers Offer Tips to Reduce Workplace Violence

Employers can prevent workplace violence by keeping dangerous employees positively engaged and closely supervising them.

Boston U Basketball Players Accuse Coach of Bullying

A senior guard is claiming that head coach Kelly Greenburg inflicted emotional abuse on her players.

Former NIU Police Chief Files Suit Over Firing

Former Northern Illinois University Police Chief Donald Grady has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, alleging discrimination. He is asking for his job back, along with a year’s back pay and a public apology.

Fla. Middle School Teacher Suspected of Being Drunk at School

High School Football Coach Accused of Vandalizing His Own School

Oakland U: Coach Mentally Abused Players

UConn Bans Student-Professor Romances

UNM Faculty Member Censured Over Fat-Shaming Tweet

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