Contract Security

How Private Security Can Help Law Enforcement

On-site professional security personnel can provide a wealth of information to law enforcement officers responding to a call.

D.C. Schools Consider Replacing Security Officers

Former Hospital Officers Allege Racism, Ageism in Lawsuit

7 Lessons From the Oikos U. Shooting

Last week’s shooting highlights the need for intelligence sharing, mass notification, access control, security officers, cooperation with local law enforcement and media management plans.

Medical Center Security Supervisor Arrested in Drug Raid

2 Pittsburgh School Security Officers Have Criminal Records

Man Attacks Port Huron Hospital Security Officer

How to Write Post Orders and Standard Operating Procedures

Writing the post orders and standard operating procedures is a technical skill. Contract security firms that are able to use a technical writer to support this work will have an advantage over those companies that do not.

Read: How to Create Effective Procedures for Contract Security

How to Create Effective Procedures for Contract Security

Campuses and their contract security providers must work together to develop appropriate post orders and manuals so security operations run smoothly.

80% of Harvard Security Signs Petition to Strike

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