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Georgia Tech to Pay $1M to Family of Student Fatally Shot by Campus Police

The 911 call reporting a suspicious person was placed by the Georgia Tech student who was shot.

News December 7
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Portland State University Police to Go Unarmed This Fall

After lengthy debate and delays, PSU is ready to disarm its campus police officers.

News June 15
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Less Lethal Weapons: More Uncertain and Confusing Than You Think

Thinking of adopting less lethal weapons in your department? Study these pitfalls before you proceed.

News May 26
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Spotlight on Campus Safety Director of the Year Finalist Mike Hodges

Check out some of this Director of the Year finalist’s top accomplishments, as well as a photo gallery…

Awards February 17
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Portland State Delays the Disarming of Its Campus Safety Officers

Although PSU officers will no longer carry firearms, they will continue to be sworn officers with investigative and…

News November 2
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Wisconsin Prosecutors Clear Officer in High School Shooting

The officer used his firearm during an altercation with a student because he couldn’t reach his stun gun.

News May 14
School Resource Officers (SROs) School Safety School Violence Security Officers Student Safety Taser
Normandy Security Officer

Normandy Security Officer Charged After Tasing Middle Schooler

Normandy security officers are not authorized to use stun guns and are all now banned from carrying any…

News May 10
Officer Discipline School Crime Taser

SROs Resign After Covering up Accidental Tasering of School Employee

The victim and a witness were reportedly scared to come forward.

News March 29
Police Public Safety Taser

Taser Considers Installing Stun Guns on Drones

The concept is in line with an instance earlier this year when police in Dallas attached an explosive…

News October 31
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