How Tailgating Detection Can Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Campus

Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person into a secured area.

Campuses that want to control who enters their facilities need to guard against tailgating, but what exactly is tailgating?

According to Detex Marketing Manager Tim Shafer, tailgating occurs when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person into a secured area.

“And when unauthorized individuals come into a building, campus officials have no knowledge of the risk until the event occurs,” he says. “That event could be a disgruntled former employee, violent activists, stalkers or something worse.”

Fortunately, there is a solution.

“The Detex AT-5200 and AT-5600 sneak detection systems for doors are the most accurate and cost-effective way a campus can detect access by unauthorized persons,” Shafer says. “Compared to video surveillance systems, the AT-5200 and AT-5600 have lower false alarm rates and are much more affordable.”

Shafer recommends campuses adopt the following policies to support their organization’s tailgating detection technology:

  • Everyone must card through the opening in a single-file line
  • No one should hold open the doors for others
  • Everyone should present their ID card when entering the building
  • Access cards should not be shared. If this happens the AT-5200 and AT-5600 anti-passback feature can help.

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2 responses to “How Tailgating Detection Can Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Campus”

  1. Randy says:

    How about turning around an checking to verify the door is shut and secured, like most responsible persons do at their own (because its important to them) residence. Spending 3k or 4k to secure a door for an uncaring employees, students self protection only encourages poor, careless behavior patterns. Ask yourself, do you check your car door after exiting your car when away from home or do you just walk away?

  2. Leon Bradford says:

    Is this compatable with the Eclipse access control system?

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