Rekor Launches New AI School Security and Student Safety Software

The software provides vehicle access management, school bus stop-arm violation enforcement and intelligent social media monitoring.

Rekor Launches New AI School Security and Student Safety Software

Rekor, a provider of public safety and vehicle recognition systems powered by artificial intelligence, announces the launch of OnGuard, a school safety program aimed to enhance student safety through vehicle and social media monitoring.

OnGuard enhances student safety by identifying and assessing threats to school safety beyond school buildings, according to the company.

OnGuard uses automatic license plate reader cameras to help schools with visitor management by monitoring the flow of vehicles coming on and off school grounds, providing intelligence to act quickly against a potential threat. Furthermore, the software provides access monitoring for school parking lots and online management for parking permits.

It also uses protective intelligence and advance warnings around buses. The software is operating while the school bus is stationary or moving and can identify potential dangers posed by a vehicle of concern that may be stalking the bus.

OnGuard has the ability to flag a vehicle through its onboard vehicle recognition technology and can send real-time alerts to law enforcement. It can look for vehicles associated with sex offenders or Amber Alerts, for example.

The Rekor School Bus Stop-Arm Camera can detect violators that pass by a school bus when the bus has the stop-arm extended. Once a violation is captured, the Rekor’s IP360 violation processing suite offers a web-based application that provides a single interface for all citation management functions.

Additionally, OnGuard provides social media intelligence monitoring using FIRSTSight™, which is the result of a partnership between Rekor and ZeroFox, a provider of social media and digital protection. FIRSTSight uses machine learning to identify and analyze concerning posts on open-source social media platforms. It provides recommendations based on the nature of the post and related content.

The FIRSTSight approach mirrors the threat assessment model defined by the Secret Service in its Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model.

The first implementation of OnGuard will be at an upstate New York school district.

“The Town of Fallsburg is eager to work with Rekor and OnGuard to enhance both school and public safety throughout our town,” says Steven Vegliante, supervisor of the town of Fallsburg. “Each day we are bombarded with new acts of senseless violence and irresponsible driving accidents. With each story, we scratch our heads and think of how they can be prevented. These programs are a good first step and we look forward to their implementation. It’s time to rethink our current procedures and models and think out-of-the-box to stop violent acts and needless accidents from harming our family, friends and neighbors.”

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