Witness: Rancho Tehama Gunman Went to School to Kill Neighbor’s Son

A neighbor recalls hearing the gunman say he was going to kill his other neighbor’s 7-year-old son at the Rancho Tehama Elementary School.

Witness: Rancho Tehama Gunman Went to School to Kill Neighbor’s Son

Neal killed his wife and two neighbors before attempting to enter the elementary school.

A neighbor of the gunman who went on a shooting rampage in Northern California and attempted to enter an elementary school says he went there to kill another neighbor’s 7-year-old son.

Kevin Neal shot and killed five people and injured at least a dozen others after an apparent act of revenge against neighbors he had a long-standing feud with.

Danny Elliott, 38, and his mother, Diana Steele, 68, were killed by Neal. Neal had shot and killed his wife, Barbara Glisan, 38, the day before and hid her body beneath the floor of their home.

After killing Elliott and Steele, Neal drove to Rancho Tehama Elementary School, where he rammed his truck through the school’s gates and began opening fire on the building.

The quick-thinking staff was able to lockdown the school seconds to spare before Neal opened fire. One student was shot in the chest and foot through a window but is recovering at a hospital.

Neal was shot and killed by police after fleeing the school.

Neighbor Johnny Phommathep, who lived 200 feet from Neal, says he heard him screaming at Elliott, “I’ma kill you, boy. I’ma learn you. Once I kill you, I’ma go kill your son at school.”

Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen also said on Friday that he believed Neal targeted the school because of the child, reports ChicoER.

Elliott’s son’s maternal grandmother says the boy also lost his mom in an accident when he was 22 months old.

Neal was out on bail at the time of the rampage after being charged in January with stabbing Elliot’s girlfriend. She then obtained a restraining order against Neal in February.

“If you have a restraining order on someone like that, he shouldn’t even be allowed to live in the area,” said Diana’s stepson David Steele.

Phommathep’s wife, Tiffany, says she was on her way to drop off their three children at school when Neal pulled up next to their vehicle and started spraying bullets at them. The woman and all three children were injured.

Phommathep claims she asked four people for help but none did. She says one person told her she couldn’t help her because “she only had a two-seater and was late for work”. Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston happened upon the family and assisted them.

The other victims are Michelle McFayden, 55, and Joseph McHugh III, 56, both of Rancho Tehama.

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